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Quotes from Zacks' big mouth,

"You might have a rice burner if you think the bigger the wing the faster the car."

"You might have a riceburner if you think more stickers make your car faster."

"Where did you get the lawnmower engine?"


San Diego Race Scene
The racing here is awesome, possibly due to a lack of local Drag strips. The ricers and highschool kids hang out at the Texaco across from MCAS Miramar on miramar rd. If you are a serious racer stay away from them. This place brings the cops at around midnight, then they drive all over San Diego in a 200 car caravan race to several streets around the city. The cops are usually staked out and write tickets all night. The police here are also prejudice against Rice burners, especially with large wings.
 The serious racers, no ricers, run controlled races and shows. I will not mention there location here. You can email me for it. There are alot of amazing rides out here and virtually police free thanks to the local riceboys causing problems all over town.